主持人:先生. Salow

If you have an interest in farming and sustainability, consider joining our 农业俱乐部 with Mr. Salow. This club seeks to provide educational experiences in the fields of agriculture, philanthropy, 和领导能力, while emphasizing principles of agrarian stewardship and Christian fellowship to students of our school and our partner schools. 目前他们正在种植自己的沙拉! 不需要经验或先验知识. 欢迎所有人加入任何项目或提出新的想法!



Moderator: Ms. DeVries 

作为兰辛全国网赌正规平台的代表, 大使发挥领导作用, support, 积极的发展促进了学校的使命.


Baking Club

主持人:女士. Hopek

If you have a love for baking…and waking up early…come and join the LCHS Baking Club! This club aims to connect students with a love for baking that would like to share recipes, 还有烘焙技巧, 了解甜点的历史, 甚至还会带些自制的点心来分享. Starting in November, meetings will be held once a month before school in Room 203. This club is open to students in all grades and you can come for as many meetings as your schedule allows.

L2 | Love. Lead. (校园部领导团队)

主持人:先生. Brennan

Are you a strong disciple who is looking for a way to help others walk in the footsteps of Jesus? 考虑申请加入我们的L2-Love.Lead. Group. This group is filled with students looking to take on a leadership role in helping to plan student retreats and other initiatives lead by Mr. 本·波尔和我们的精神培育团队.

会议是每周一的午餐时间和偶尔的会议, 上学前或放学后, 有时也可能是必要的. 


主持人:先生. Ingle

Meetings: 2023-24 Schedule: Saturday October 28, November 18, February 24, March 16.

你喜欢做木工活,喜欢学习建造东西的机械原理吗? 考虑加入我们的工艺俱乐部! Mr. Ingle will lead students from all grades through various projects where members can gain skills working with their hands, problem solve, 增强自信, 感激上帝赐予的工作.

开放全球网络赌博平台初高中学生,工艺俱乐部 allows students to experience introductory concepts of carpentry and mechanics. 在兰辛全国网赌正规平台举办, 在我们的工艺美术车间, 位于教堂下方, the group will meet on 4 scheduled Saturdays throughout the year from 8:30-11:30 am. 欢迎家长参加,但不是强制要求.

网上登记: ylfshop.com/craftsmanship or email greg.ingle@ylfshop.com


主持人:先生. 布伦南和Fr. Joe Campbell

Mr. 布伦南和Fr. Joe invite you to explore the call of discipleship and join others in our school who also want to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. 门徒训练小组每周四早上8点聚会. Underclassmen (9/10) will meet in the Library and upperclassmen (11/12) will meet in Room 112. These groups are open to all students and you can stop by any week you’re free.


主持人:女士. Tietsort

Lansing Catholic High School Performing Arts presents a play each fall and a musical each spring. 


主持人:修女和神父. Joe

修女和神父. Joe invite you to consider becoming a Guardian to help serve at our Rodzinka and All-School Masses. Members of the Guardians Club help care for the needs of the altar before, during, and after Mass. 角色包括选举官、祭台侍从和祭师. The mission of this club is to help bring beauty and reverence to all of our liturgies at LCHS. 如果你想在我们的弥撒中发挥积极作用, please sign up and more information will be emailed to you about being placed on our Mass schedules. 

Good Works Crew

Moderator: Ms. DeVries

We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus and the Good Works Crew is here to help you serve others! Good Works Crew帮助规划校园内的主要服务项目, 包括我们的年度工作马拉松和我们的假日家庭项目. 他们还提出了更小的服务项目, 比如卡片部项目, 所有学生都可以参与. 这个小组每隔一个星期一在105房间开会.


主持人:女士. Collom

没有参加LCHS篮球队的学生可以参加IM篮球队. 参赛费用为35美元,包括一件队服. Games will be held on Saturdays in the LCHS gym and will begin at the end of January. 

Jazz Band

主持人:女士. Tietsort

爵士乐队是演奏不同风格爵士音乐的乐团.  这个合奏团对所有演奏传统爵士乐器的学生开放.


主持人:女士. Tietsort

成员们在礼堂里接受灯光和音板的训练. They work lights and sound for school productions and partner-school productions. 


Moderator: Fr. Joe Campbell

Meetings: As needed after school, scheduled in proximity with our All-School Masses.

如果在祭坛上服侍不是你的呼召,也许你可以在祭坛旁边服侍! If you love to sing and would like to share your talent through serving in our 大众音乐部, Fr. 乔很想知道! 

Mosaic Club

主持人:女士. Fell

Mosiac Club is a new opportunity to celebrate the diversity of our student population and to lend time and service to providing help to war-torn and poverty-stricken countries. Students in this club will help to plan and organize our annual cultural day, held in March. Development of other cultural awareness opportunities for our school community and fundraising efforts to help those in need will also be part of this club's mission. Mosaic Club will meet once per month, possibly more frequently when planning larger events.


主持人:女士. 安德森和太太. Hopek

NHS is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. 不仅仅是一个荣誉名单, NHS serves to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, 和性格. Students are eligible for consideration after 3 consecutive semesters of school at LCHS and a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher.

Prayer Pals

Moderator: Ms. Webster

Each year, LCHS students in our Prayer Pals Club are paired up with students from our partner schools to let them know they always have someone from our community that is praying for them. Students in this club send cards and notes to their pals during the holidays and special liturgical seasons, 你也会收到他们的回信. 你可以注册一个或几个朋友. 这是兰辛天主教堂的一项特殊传统. 韦伯斯特今年邀请所有年级的学生成为祷告伙伴!

Quiz Bowl

主持人:女士. Coldwell

Are you ready for a mental sport that will challenge your knowledge of all subjects? 益智碗回归! Join our team and represent Lansing Catholic in two Quiz Bowl competitions this year. 这个队伍对所有年级的学生开放. Competitions will be held in October and January at Dewitt High School from 4-6pm.

Spanish Club

Moderator: Ms. Fell

The Spanish Club works to bring awareness about the culture of Spanish-speaking countries. 


主持人:女士. Gates


所有的生命,从受孕到自然死亡,都是神圣的. 现在比以往任何时候都重要, we need voices to help communicate this truth to the school and the broader community. 学生生活组织的成员将参加当地的活动, 支持怀孕服务,为生命祈祷更多的尊重. Mrs. Gates leads students in these events and will inform you of when they are happening so you can participate. 


Moderator: Ms. Groves

We serve the student body by putting into action the school’s mission statement through projects, events, 和活动.  作为学生会的正式代表, we provide a connection between the ideas and concerns of students and the school administration.  归国学生的选举在五月举行, 新生代表的选举在九月初举行.


全国网赌正规平台的学生生活主任讨论你的想法.  所有扶轮社必须符合我们的使命宣言, 帮助学生在一个或多个方面成长:精神上, 智力, 和/或社会.  所有俱乐部都必须经过管理部门的批准.